Daming Evidence of Fraud of a vulnerable adult

I’ve tried my best to protect devotees, including ISKCON Leaders, from any negative publicity but the time has now come to reveal the true extent of the fraud and breach of trust to the world.

Let’s start by clarifying that whatever I will present here is evidenced by Redbridge Council (social services) official reports and subsequent legal applications. I did not want to make this public but my wishes, my will, my spiritual care have all been compromised by a select few. Others who have witnessed the abuse have simply turned a blind eye or have become part of the abuse. My dearest Prabhupada, this is nothing against ISKCON or its mission, it’s about how some in power are using your teachings to hide their truly heinous acts.

Here are the simple facts that I have tried to keep safe, away from the public eye, as they prove, without doubt, how my befriender, Usha, managed to get Financial control of my assets, and how social services failed to act on their own report when they could see the potential for me to become a victim of crime.

On 14th of June 2022 the council assessed my capacity and my social worker filed a report that concluded I no longer had the capcity to make financial decisions;

Further to this, the report goes on to state that I would be placed into the care of the Redbridge court of protection team so that they could manage my finances

As you can see this is clearly documented in reports, and in this report Usha was referred to as a ‘close friend’.

On 25th of January 2023 I had a memory review where it was stated that I no longer had the capacity to make health decisions. In the very same report Usha stated she couldn’t care for me as she was working full time. So why did Usha move me into her home, to sleep on a sofa in her living room, under the pretence that she could care for me better there when she clearly was working and could not carry out the necessary care.

Social services stood by and did nothing when she applied for and gained the financial power of attorney in September of 2023. They knew for 15 months I no longer had capacity and they failed to apply for the court of protection as their report stated they were going to do.

Usha saw this opportunity to act, she applied for and got the power of attorney, using other devotees such as Amit, to sign and witness that she was my long term friend and carer. She was present at the memory assessment and it therefore cannot be a case of not knowing that I no longer had capacity.

None of what I am writing here is hearsay or misinterpretable, it’s factual and backed up by social services reports, memory assessments and actions by Usha, a leader in the ELBV (East London Bhakti Vriksha) community.

The obtaining of the Finance LPA was a fraudulent activity, social services had stated I no longer had capacity to manage my finances or my health, so how could I have had the capacity to comprehend and agree to the terms of the Finance LPA that Usha drafted? Finance LPA’s are complex legal documents? The truth is I didn’t understand and couldn’t have understood, therefore the LPA was obtained fraudelantly.

Following the successful completion of the Finance LPA by Usha, she promptly took me to India. Behind the facade of a spiritual trip, she took me to her hometown, to her family. She had be physically and mentally assessed in her brother-in-laws clinic. She claimed this was my wish, that I had wanted to go. Now she had become the Finance LPA holder she was able to claim all expenses for the trip from my estate and social services approved, all because Usha said this was my desire to go.

How could it be my desire when the memory assessment stated I no longer had capacity and was in need of protection?

Now that I am in care social services have been asked to investigate Usha and how she obtained the Finance LPA, including her actions to defraud. They are choosing not to investigate, the most obvious conclusion is that any investigation would highlight the councils failings. The council themselves stated in their report I did not have capacity and they would apply for the court of protection, they did nothing and in fact let Usha befriend me and take full control of both financial and health aspects of my life.

Usha also chose when to say I had capacity and when I didn’t, so for the LPA to be legally binding I must have capacity, which social services proved I didn’t. Then Usha took me to get things from the bank, from a safety deposit box, when she also claimed this was my wish. Again this is proved to be incorrect. When my will was disposed of by Usha she claimed I misplaced it and as I no longer had capacity I couldn’t remember where I put it. So in this sense, when it suited Usha I had capacity, and when it suited her I also didn’t have capacity.

The truth is I never had capacity, not for health or finance as both reports show, and Usha was the one manipulating the situation to get what she, and her leaders, wanted – control of my assets.

When leaders in ISKCON became aware of the situation sided with Usha. They did not investigate or carry out any meaningful interviews to try to come to sound conclusions, even when presented with damning evidence, Dayal Mora, temple president of ISKCON London, failed to act and simply labelled it a council matter.

Why is this relevant? Well ELBV are a department in ISKCON London, the leaders help run the temple by providing manpower and support. As with the council, it is not in the interest of Dayal Mora and ISKCON London to investigate what Usha has done, and is doing, as it would mean investigating their own department and addressing major safeguarding failures. How can ISKCON London be a safe space if issues as important as this are not formally investigated? How will others come forward and raise concerns if they feel nothing will come of their complaint and they will be ostracized by the temple? The reality is people do not raise concerns, they do not feel safe to do so as they do not lead to meaningful outcomes.

Therefore I have been left with no option, I urge anyone who can see the clear fraudulent activities to support my cause. Please sign this petition to ensure formal, safe and documented safeguarding processes are implemented at ISKCON London so that other vulnerable adults and children cannot be abused by the community, under the protection of ISKCON London. Usha was and is being protected by ISKCON London, no one who is worried about me or my welfare can ask Usha any questions without going through ISKCON London, so this is protection. The questions never get passed on, they are simply bounced around leaders, meetings are never arranged, and if you ask too many questions then Dayal Mora will ask for you to be investigated.

I need you all to help, to help me to ensure this cannot happen again. To help bring justice when crimes of morailty are carried out with the ISKCON banner. It’s our movement and it’s being abused from within.