Where is my community?

I have been a member of ISKCON and directly serving at ISKCON London for over a decade, well before Dayal Mora came into post.

ISKCON London, ISKCON UK and the ELBV (East London Bhaktivriksha) have all been saying that my case is a council matter and there is nothing they could do. Any attempt by devotees to get the relevant leaders to engage have been met with the same stock response “It’s a council matter, nothing we can do”.

My dearest Dayal Mora, where is your care for devotees that have served Radha Krishna at ISKCON London. You say this is a council matter and nothing can be done? Well let me share something with you and the ISKCON Community.

On June the 21st 2024 a group of members from the wider Hindu community came together to protest. They protested that I deserved to have access to members of the community, that its a basic human right. They protested that I should be moved to a more culturaly aligned establishment, where the practices are familiar to me and my beliefs.

I ask you Dayal Mora, where was the representation from ISKCON London or ELBV? Where is devotee care when at the time of absolute helplessness everyone simply washes their hands of me?

What the protest proves is that councils are not untouchable, protests can reach them, help bring about dialog and hopefully change. ISKCON London and ELBV could have done the same, stood in protest, but they have not once stood up for me or my rights in the past 6 months whilst I’ve been in council care.

The conclusion is a simple one, ISKCON London and ELBV have what they wanted from me, that was why Usha befriended me. Now asking the council to investigate or move me would be out of character, after all it was Usha that gave me to the council. So how now could ELBV or ISKCON London say they want me moved? This would be a contradiction to previous statements and therefore is something ISKCON London and ELBV cannot do.

Please dear devotees, there is still time to change the outcome, you can get involved and ask for me to be visited, to be moved.

As for ELBV and ISKCON London, share the truth with the world and I can be saved, I can be near krishna in whatever time I have left on this planet.