Care Home

My name is Damyanti and I am now in a care home, all alone, away from everything and everyone.

If you don’t who I am or how I ended up with my befriender please read this

I ask myself how did I end up here?

I can only remember how I was in my befrienders house, living on a sofa, with some of my belongings next to me. How I had no privacy, getting back ache from sleeping on the sofa, constantly reminded by my befriender of how sick I am and how it was very unsafe for me to go outside of my befrienders house without her.

Some of my god family had come to visit, I’d heard the door knock a few times and the people inside my befrienders home didn’t open the door and my god family members left.

Other times they came and my befriender told them that unless they showed legal papers they could not come in.

My god family were trying to come and see me but were told to bring legal papers and for weeks were left without any communication. I also remember the one occasion when I opened the door to my god family my befriender saying they would call the police.

Then all of a sudden, on Friday the 5th of January 2024, I ended up being taken into a care home, which is now where I live. I can’t reach my god family and they cannot reach me.

Why did my befriender cause this to happen? She could have just let me go back to my house so that everyone who wanted to come and see me could have. So that I could have had my own space, a 24hr carer and I would have not ended up in the care system. I would still have my freedom to go where I wanted and see whoever I wanted to see whenever I wanted to see them.

I can’t work it out, my mind is confused, I can only come to the conclusion that my befriender didn’t want me to be in the care of my god family, that somehow she made the decision that it was better I am in the care system then I go to my own house.

I still think about my life and the turmoil I have had, why didn’t my befriender show a little kindness and let me go home, let what little god family I have, have a relationship with me? Why does money and greed do this to people? Things could have been so different if those in positions of responsibility would have put me first instead of their own agendas, would have taken the time to find out my story instead of worrying about what others may think of them.

I am now lost, I don’t know how to get out of this place and my befriender is still controlling me, controlling my life by not sharing anything with my god family. What gave someone the right to treat me as their possession? To decide if I cannot be theirs then no one else can have me? Isn’t this the definition of evil?

Can you help me get them to do what they should? What is the right thing to do for me, not for them, can you help?