My Story

My name is Dipti Chakrabarti. I am in my 70s and unfortunately am no longer able to communicate my desires or ask for help.

My story is being told by well wishers in a bid to get me the help I need.

My life has been full of tragedy and loss, this has contributed to a steady decline in my mental capacity. In my 40s I lost my husband, a barrister. In my 50s I lost my only child to cancer. In my 60s I lost my mum, I had to give the doctors permission to turn off life support for her. In my 70s I lost my spiritual master from whom I took initiation, my initiated name is Damyanti.

I’ve been befriended by someone and she has slowly taken over my life, all of my possessions, my home and contact with anyone from outside her group. I have no voice, I am given medicines from abroad in doses and combinations that have been medically acknowledged as me being “drugged”

If you’re in the community please help me, I need you to ask questions to my befrienders, to ask them to explain their actions and give you an explanation.

  • Where is my will? The last person to have my will in her possession was my befriender and she is telling everyone it has been lost. I need my will to ensure my estate is distributed as per my wishes.
  • Where are all my documents, both legal and personal? I am an incredible organised person, I had everything in a filing cabinet, clearly marked. My befriender gained access to my house and removed all the documents. I ask, where are they?
  • Where is the content of my safety deposit box? My safety deposit box was accessed by my befriender with me. All of the content in that box has been lost. Where is it?
  • Why am I sleeping on a sofa in the living room of my befriender’s house? I have my own house and enough funds to have a paid carer 24/7 but instead I’ve been taken into the home of my befriender, restricted contact with the outside world and been left to sleep on a sofa in the living room. My befriender has rooms but I’m not in a room. My befriender has tenants, I do not know who they are and they are not DBS checked.
  • Why did my befriender tell everyone I wanted to go to Mayapur? My befriender changed her story multiple times, first she said I wanted to go to Mayapur then she said she wanted to. In both versions she said she would leave me in India so I could get better care and she would come back. She again changed her story more recently to be that she wanted to go but she had to take me with her as she didn’t have anyone to leave me with. So thats a lot of versions/reasons to take me to India but ultimately why does she want to take me and leave me there? I have no family or friends there, my surroundings are unfamiliar, I would be totally immobile and cut off from the UK health system.
  • Why is my befriender making decisions about my health without a health LPA? My health decisions should be with a medical professional, not with someone who doesn’t have the health LPA. How else can I control what medications are given to me, what tests are carried out and who is making those decisions. The drugs I’m given are not suitable and are from India, this isn’t my decision.
  • My befriender’s house has cameras everywhere. This means I have no privacy whatsoever and is an encroachment on my human civil rights. I shouldn’t be on display, I don’t have access to the cameras. Why is this? How can I feel safe and secure?
  • Where is my money that I stored in the house? I had cash in my house as people of my era often keep, a substantial sum, where did it go? Only my befriender and her husband had access.
  • Where is my jewellery that was stored in my house? People from my era always kept their jewellery, from marriage and subsequently. I kept all of mine, it’s all gone, where is it?
  • Who ransacked my house? My house has been turned upside down and all contents removed, this happened a few months ago and not recently so please ask my befriender where everything is?
  • My befriender installed cameras in my house to watch me? My befriender is saying I asked for this to be done but I don’t have access to the cameras. I also do not need to watch myself in my own house, the only people that have access to my house are my befriender and her husband, they installed the cameras and had access to the feeds.
  • Why is my befriender using my money to pay for tests I don’t need? In August my befriender took me to India but first stopping in her own home town where medical tests were carried out on me at her relatives facilities. I was charged for these tests when they were not needed as I had them recently in the UK on the NHS and secondly could have been done on the NHS if I needed to have them again via my GP. Why was my money used to pay for tests I didn’t need without my consent? Why were tests done using my befriender’s direct relatives?
  • Why didn’t my befriender have more people on the finance LPA? The finance LPA gives financial control of all of my estate. I never gave her permission to get this done, she got it witnessed by a member of her group and not by anyone in authority i.e. the GP or a solicitor. Why did she take this route?
  • Why is my befriender cutting off contact to my god family? I have a god family, who are all disciples of Bhakti Charu Swami, but I’m not allowed to see anyone. They have been told to bring legal documents with them in order to see me. I would like to meet them, why am I being stopped?
  • Why is my befriender telling everyone that everyone else is after my house? One of the reasons you’ve been giving for not letting others see me is that they are after my house and nothing else. That they have no interest in my health. This doesn’t make sense as they are the only ones who have raised health concerns. They are financially stable and do not need any of my assets. Furthermore they know a will exists so any deviation from that would be fraud anyway.
  • If my befriender truly is only interested in my health and wellbeing then why would you not allow others to come onto the Finance LPA? Surely you would allow others to be part of the Finance LPA to take any pressure of fraud away from you, moving the responsibility to a group, to ensure my estate is not used incorrectly whilst having the capability to care for me and reimbursed for any expenses.
  • My befriender uses my inability to make decisions when it suits her, ask her why? So when medications are given she says I asked for it but at the same time cameras are installed without my permission to watch me? When I wanted to go out with my god sisters, I said I wanted to but my befriender told everyone I have been taken without permission. She even called the police when I clearly was happy to go to the manor to be with my godsisters. This doesn’t make sense, I either can make decisions or I can’t. Why is my befriender doing this to me?
  • If you meet me and ask me if I want to stay I with my befriender I will probably say yes. But I’m being prompted to say that, I’m constantly told I’m unwell and that I shouldn’t go out. I’m being told how good everyone is to me and like a child I am simply following instructions when I’m asked anything. You’ll see me look to my befriender before I answer, you’ll see my befriender prompt me and you’ll see my befriender never leave my side. Like a child, its almost impossible for me to know what is real and what is not, I ask you to ask my befriender to stop prompting me and grooming me into what she needs me to be.

If you are in the befriender’s ISKCON London East London and Essex Bhakti Vriksha Group and are able to see me and/or to talk to her then I urge you to speak up. Do not just accept what is being said. Ask questions and see if the answers make sense and line up with the communicated motive or if they point to something else. Ask yourself if your mother was being cared for by someone would you want her to be kept on a sofa in a living room, sleeping on that same sofa and to be given un prescribed medication.

Ask my befriender where my will is, where are all my legal documents. These are things that should not have been removed from my house, they are my things.

Ask my befriender why she talked about starting a care home with my estate when I have a will that clearly states where and how I want my estate to be distributed.

Please ask with an open mind, if answers do not make sense then there is probably an ulterior motive. When crimes of this nature are committed its only those that ask the right questions, and approach things with an open mind, who are able to see the motive behind the action.

I ask you to ask her as I cannot, if you see me you will understand. Ask me if I wish to go to mars and I will respond not really understanding the question. I may say yes, I may say no, I may say I don’t know, whatever my answer I do not have the capacity to understand the implications of any decision I make, I am like a child.

I cannot make decisions for myself anymore so I’m entrusting my care to you.





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