ISKCON Bhakti Vriskha East London & Essex (ELBV)

  • My Story

    A story about befriending with intent to defraud

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    As you may have read, Damyanti is now in the care of the local council and therefore, in my view, has been failed by the leaders of East London Bhakti Vriksha and the ISKCON London Leadership. All of the seniors failed to act, failed to investigate and failed to believe that anyone who is in…

  • Care Home

    My name is Damyanti and I am now in a care home, all alone, away from everything and everyone. If you don’t who I am or how I ended up with my befriender please read this I ask myself how did I end up here? I can only remember how I was in my befrienders…

  • Update

    Developments have been reported, awaiting confirmation and will update accordingly.